Coolants are made of glycol and corrosion inhibitors to :

  • Evacuate calories produce by the engine
  • Don’t affect engine material such as aluminium, cooling pipes, weldings,…
  • To keep its chemical and physical properties and performances as long as possible

Coolants are designed and tesed with OEM in accordance with engine evolution.

Each OEM has its own specification such as : Renault type D, PSA B715110, MAN Si-OAT type, VW G12+, G12++, G13,…

Coolants are also under different countries regulations such as ASTM D 3306 (light vehicles, D 6210 (USA), AFNOR (France,…

ACIA AUTOMOTIVE range includes organic or universal technology, hybrid (ol and new generation) :

  • Organic and universal range : ADI2630 (G12+), ADI 835, ADI 625 Renault type D, ADI 1035 (PSA B715110)
  • Hybrid old generation ADI 2930 and new generation ADI 3235, ADI 3337 (G12++, MAN type Si-OAT)
  • Specific range for hot climate countries

ACIA AUTOMOTIVE konw-how is recognised for more than 30 years.

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