Lubricants allow to reduce friction between 2 mechanical parts. It avoid shocks and failure.

Lubricants must not affect other components and must resit to different temperatures.

Classification depends on the use :



Engine oil   –   Gear box oil   –   Hydraulic oil


SAE (society of automotive engineers)
5W (cold grade)

W40 (hot grade)

The lowest the grade is, the fluidest the oil is.


Performance test
API (American Petrolem Institute)

S : gasoline / C : diesel

The highest the letter is, the best the level is.


Performance test

ACEA (Association des constructeurs Européens Automobile : European car makers association)

A : gasoline / B : diesel / C : FAP / E : heavy-duty
The second letter gives the level

Each OEM has its own test such as Renault RN720/0 or VW 505.01…
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