A.C.I.A. “Activité Chimique pour l’Industrie Automobile” is a French company located in Doullens in the north of France.

A human and industrial history…an industrial destiny…

The plant is divided in two parts.


The 1st part is build in red bricks and is an old textile industry from XIXth century.

In 1972, this textile industry has been replaced by MIPLACOL, producing antifreeze and glue.

In 1984, the plant is getting specialized in manufacturing, filling and selling automotive fluids. It becomes ACIA.


ACIA is supplying under different brands :

  • OEM, OES
  • French hypermarkets
  • French administration
  • Independant automotive services

We are producing and filling screenwashers, coolants, brake fluids, lubricants, Ad Blue®…

In 2009, ACIA changed to ACIA Automotive to enlarge its offer and joined CIPELIA holding in 2011.

ACIA AUTOMOTIVE is a human sized company, flexible and puts the customer satisfaction as a daily target.

Today, ACIA AUTOMOTIVE continue its development through flow reorganisation and process renewal to improve its answer to the customer.